Yes I Can Social Inclusion for Pepsi Refresh Award

The Yes I Can Social Inclusion Program Social Meltdown for Pepsi Refresh Award

The YES I CAN Social Inclusion Program could win a Pepsi Refresh Award… but we need your vote!!

Since the Yes I Can (YIC) program was started in the William S. Hart Union School District in Santa Clarita nearly a decade ago, Brett Lieberman and Lisa Lamedmen have brought together HUNDREDS of students with and without disabilities to get to know one another, learn together, and share their love of music. Mentors become friends with students with autism, Asperger Syndrome, and other conditions who they would not have had the chance to know without YIC.

Students with Autism created the concept for the Summer Meltdown autism awareness event after being bullied by their peers. Everyone benefits from the students’ shared efforts to put on the exciting day-long musical event for thousands of their peers. This the only autism awareness concert in California produced by youth!

PLEASE VOTE for YES I CAN’s Summer Meltdown in the Pepsi Refresh contest and help these deserving students and their dedicated teachers realize a dream of the best Meltdown yet- together.

To vote please click here or text 110797 to 73774.

The Inspiration behind “Make Your Move”

AMS lead singer Scott Siegel is debuting a new online video series “In The Studio With Scott Siegel.” The first episode of this new project features Siegel’s thoughts on the inspiration behind AMS debut album Make Your Move.

Check it out!

AMS Front Man Rocks LA’s The Grove

AMS gifted front man Scott Siegel performs live at the Grove in Los Angeles, CA on Tuesday, October 4th. The Fly Concert was an event supporting The Miracle Project and included performances by Jack Black, Stephen Stills and Wyatt Isaacs from Autism: The Musical. The free concert was meant to help change how the world views autism, showing that Autism is Awesomeism!

Annenberg Digital News Neon Tommy reported that Scott Siegel “blew the audience away” at the benefit concert! Awareness in a Box is proud to feature Siegel’s band, Arrest My Sister, as our lead entertainment during our Awareness Day events!

Check out his performance here:

AMS Flashback: Blues Great David “Honeyboy” Edwards

by Crazy Tomes

I had the honor of playing two songs with one of the greatest Blues men of all time (and the last pre-WWII Blues artist who still tours), David “Honeyboy” Edwards.

I met him on Jan 24th, 2008, at his first show at Cozy’s, a music venue in Sherman Oaks. We had a great conversation about the Blues. He is 95 years old and still plays and sings amazingly well. He taught me more about the Blues than I could ever describe. We had a great time hanging out, drinking and talking about music and all of the great artists that have inspired me so much. Honeyboy is a very nice guy who enjoys having conversations with people – and can still party!!

Honeyboy told me that he actually wrote the original version of Sweet Home Chicago and that he introduced it to Robert Johnson, the King of Delta Blues, who was his best friend, and Robert recorded the famous version. He told me some very interesting stories about Little Walter, Muddy Waters and other Blues legends that he brought to Chicago in 1945 to help start what later would be called “Chicago Blues“, before leaving back to the Delta. He told me all of the interesting stories and rumors surrounding Robert Johnson and the “Devil’s Blues“. He is the last living person who was actually good friends with Johnson. Honeyboy performed many Robert Johnson songs during his show, including Crossroads, and also paid tribute to Muddy Waters with Catfish Blues.

The next day at his show, I asked Honeyboy to sign my guitar, and when he did I played a little blues in front of him. He (and his manager, who is also his harmonica player) said they really liked my style and asked me if I wanted to play a couple of songs with him.

Although I used to play at Cozy’s every Monday and have a good reputation out there, I still couldn’t believe it would go THAT far!!
I couldn’t have been happier!!

It ended up being Honeyboy Edwards and I with our guitars on stage. We were joined by two former members of the late Paul Butterfield‘s band (on stand up bass and harmonica). We played two songs: Next Time I See You and Going Down Slow. On Going Down Slow, Honeyboy and I were trading guitar solos and it was just FANTASTIC!! He said some of the best compliments about me as a Blues musician and told me to NEVER give up doing that. He and his manager gave me their contact information and asked me to stay in touch.

Since then, Honeyboy and I have become friends and still talk on the phone all the time. I go to see him every time he comes to play in California to hang out with him, and even jam occasionally. He is still very encouraging of me, my music and my bluesy guitar style!!

Watch part of our performance together:

AMS Flashback: Uncle Remi and the Rolling Stones

By Scott Siegel

I remember one time I went down to the Pig N’ Whistle in Hollywood to see Burning Wagon play. Burning Wagon was fronted by Crazy Tomes and former guitar player Billy Joe Daniel. Also, ex drummer Bill Spoke backed them up and sometimes Nick Gonzalez on bass. Anyway, Tomes told me to come down that night because a famous percussion player Remi Kabaka, who played with The Rolling Stonesnk”>Sympathy for the Devil” was going to be there. So during their performance of Satisfaction, Tomes invited me up to sing a verse with them and Remi. After the show, Remi came over to me and said “Hey man. Wow. You have some killer vocals.” He, then, told me that it was one of the best vocals on that song he has ever heard. And knowing that he has played with the Stones made that was a huge compliment for me. I gave him a business card and we stayed in contact. As a result, we are now great friends and he has contributed his talents on Make Your Move and Undercover. He is truly an amazing musician and I am so grateful to have him in my life. He often refers Tomes and I as his nephew. Tomes likes to call him Uncle Remi. To say that I have jammed with a former Stones member is a dream for me. I grew up listening to the Stones and never thought I would ever meet anyone associated with them. It is always good times chillin’ with Uncle Remi.

AMS Testimonials: The Life of the Party

We had a blast rocking out at Lake Elsinore in early September and we’re thrilled to hear some fans had just as much fun, considering us “the life of the party!”

Honestly, these guys rate a 6 (on a scale of 1 to 5)! Their play-list,(covers as well as original songs)made for an exciting, well paced,”what’s next?”show. They covered it all,no one went home disappointed. Their talent, energy & stage presence is “off the charts.” I will be passing their info on to other event promoters in my area & am looking forward to working with them in the future. I would recommend “Arrest My Sister” without reservation! - Kevin

Always an honor Kevin. Thank you!!

AMS Flashback: The Musical Muses of Scott Siegel

By Scott Siegel

I listen to a lot of music, but I get the most influenced by rock. When I am asked what my favorite band is, it is very hard because I get into these phases where I listen to a band for a month straight and say that they are my favorite. Then, the next month I am listening to another band and saying the same thing. Every band I listen to I take the things I like about them and incorporate them into my own music.

One of my favorite performers is Mick Jagger. His stage presence is amazing. He has an attitude when he is on stage. I also started picking up little things that Roger Daltry does. When it comes to vocals, I am very influenced by Bon Scott and Steve Perry. I take the grit and edge from Bon, and the soft technical passion from Perry.

Lately, I have been listening to Dr. Dog. They are very influenced by the Beatles. I have been coming up with lots of new ideas because of their music. They have an old sound to them that I want to someday capture with Arrest My Sister. I like how they are so diverse in their music. Every song sounds different. I have also been listening to the new Maroon 5 album. I think it is one of the best albums of the new millennium. It has also inspired me.

Another thing that grabs my attention is the way an album is mixed. Dr. Dog uses tape when they record the drums. It is very rare these days to use tape. And the quality of the Maroon 5 album is phenomenal.

AMS Flashback: From Muppets to Music

By Scott Siegel

Growing up I always had a love for music. When I was around the age of seven, I think, my parents bought me a drum set. I used to play it for hours. I could keep a pretty good beat. I used to watch the Muppets and whenever Animal would bang on the drums, my eyes were glued to the TV. I guess you could say that I took the wrong qualities from Animal, because, soon after, my parents gave my drum set away. Too many neighbors would complain constantly. I was bummed out, but then moved on to the piano. I pretty much taught myself the chords. I was decent and over the years I took lessons from friends and even lessons at Musicians Institute. I mainly grew up listening to the Stones and the Beatles. My mom being a huge Stones fan, and my dad loving the Beatles. That is what inspired me to play music. People used to tell me that there was no future in music, so I never really pursued it until after culinary arts school. When my parents would go out of town, and I had the house to myself, I would write music and I found a love for singing. I bought a cheap drum set from a friend and I recorded myself singing with the piano and then adding drums. I have over 20 cassette tapes of songs I recorded. It made me want to become a singer/songwriter. I have now written over 500 songs.

AMS Music Review: Brandy “Bohm”

Arrest My Sister is honored to receive a great review from music enthusiast Brandy “Bohm:”

If you are a fan of awesome rock bands from the 80′s and early 90′s,this band is for you! Arrest My Sister not only has an interesting and unique name, but they have a sound to go with it…

I have enjoyed every track [Make Your Move] very much. I fell in love with track number 2, appropriately called Take the Fall. This track makes me want to throw my hands up in the air and be free. I love how this song makes me feel like I can conquer anything. I am also a huge fan of track 13, Through the Looking Glass. The guitar is amazing on this son, and the lyrics are just as amazing.

Arrest My Sister is a flashback to the sounds of the 80′s and 90′s, but also very modern. I can honestly say this album is one of the best I have purchased all year, and if my readers know me, I purchase a lot of music… I promise my readers will enjoy Arrest My Sister has much as I do!

Click here to view the original review.

Thank you Brandy!

AMS Flashback: Dating a Band

By Jon McCracken

It’s funny how being in a band is very much like being in a relationship. I’ve been in many bands, and I’ve been in many relationships. So, I’ve come to realize that it really is the same. Except there’s no sex in a band. So I guess it would actually be closer to a marriage…

In some ways, being in a band is worse. You’re only with one other person in a relationship. In a band, you’re with at least two others. Success in a relationship is created the same way success in a band is. Similar interests and the ability to be around each other can make things work out a lot easier. You audition to join a band, and in a sense, you audition to join a relationship. Except, instead of showing how well you play an instrument, you show how you talk and act. So once the fun starts, both a band and a couple go through an awkward beginning. Or is that just me? Anyway, eventually you warm up to each other and either share all the good qualities, or call on the other’s bull crap. In the end, both scenarios either stay together, or eventually split. It’s hard to say if one is better than the other. Both have an equal amount of pros and cons. You get paid to be in a band, but not in a relationship. Well, you can, but its illegal in many states…

Many of you will read this, especially the musicians, and say of course a relationship is better. But really think about it, because, in the end, both can be just as great and suck just as much.